Aquara door/window sensors stuck in "on" state

For the past few weeks/months I’ve been experiencing some some of my aquara door/window sensors not correctly displaying the current state or updating.
I played around with the sensor a bit jerking it off with a secondary magnet while the door was open, which seems to have helped a bit, but it seems as if the relay can get stuck open/closed…
Did anyone else notice similar behaviour?

Did you try replacing the battery? Never had this problem with my 15 door/window sensors.

No had I. All my Aqara appliances are working rocksolid.
Have you reset the units in question?

They have been working well here also, for around a year.
But on the other hand, I don’t check the state every time I open a door/window and these don’t really trigger any automations.
I should look at replaing the battery (reporting 88%) and/or try removing/adding it from the network.

The battery reporting for these devices is useless in my experience. Two of them had to be replaced, but were still showing 100%.

I also have sometimes that the state in HA is not the correct one. Opening and closing the door again always fixes it …

As a soft alternative to a reset you could try to refresh the units using service: deconz.device_refresh and see if they react .

I notice the same behaviour since about a week.
Last night door “closed” after 3.5 hours while it was only open for a few seconds.