Aqura FP1: How to limit distance sensitivity?

I just received my Aqura FP1. I know that Home Assistant native ZHA has just basic binary presence detection for this device. I’m not sure how to reduce its sensor range lower than 5 meters and/or what areas to monitor. If I set these settings in the Aqura app (I.E. limit the sensitivity range), will these settings reflect how the device operates in Home Assistant?

BTW: I tried to add the FP1 to the Aqura app on Android; however the app tells me I also need an Aqura M1 Hub. I already have my Phillips Hue Hub and my Zigby USB dongle (which are.both zigby hubs). Do I need to buy yet another zigby hub, Aqura M1, just to access/modify the extended features for this device?

Hi there,
Sensor range if you are using ZHA should be configurable as seen in the picture

To access for areas to monitor feature, its not possible as of yet, only way is to configure it in the aqara app

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