Aqura Wall switch routing

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Been trying to get a solid yes or no on if the powered wall switches from Aqara suffer from the problems that the battery power Aqara devices do (discussed here) as it relates to there non-standard Zigbee implementation. I have a number of the Centralite plugs that I love and would rather not toss. I’m on my second attempt at home automation after the first one burnt to the ground from poor WAF, mainly due to devices randomly dropping. I’ve been focusing on building out my zigbee mesh network with the Centralite plugs and Sonoff zigbee plugs, and doing wall switches is the final (but probably most important) frontier right now.

Appreciate any insight and experience using the Aqara zigbee wall switches, especially with a zigbee network of mixed device manufacturers that wasn’t set up to cater to Aqara’s tardy reporting.

Thank you for your time, cheers!