Arduino 18b20

this temp ic is working with a esp8266 with arduino enviroment.
the esp8266 is working with wifi with an ip-adress
How do i get this data in Hassio?
I look for a SIMPLE demo
with that script for this configuration.yaml
After that can i look for using this data.


ESPHome would be the easiest way to achieve this.

But if you don’t want to setup ESPHome (and the associated containers, etc. needed to compile it) then here is an example using MQTT I found by Googling:

There’s a pretty good description of how it works on the page.

Ignore the NodeRed stuff.

You’ll need an MQTT broker if you don’t have one.

Your configuration.yaml will look something like:

 - platform: mqtt
   name: "Temperature Sensor"
   unit_of_measurement: '°C'
   state_topic: "esp/ds18b20/temperature"

How is your ESP8266 providing data right now on the network?

Please post the topics as shown by your broker, and the Home Assistant configuration.