Arduino analogue inputs as switches?

Home assistant running via docker on a synology nas with an arduino running Firmata firmware plugged in via USB.

The board is working fine and while i don’t have any devices pluged in on the digital io i can see it working as i can toggle the LED for pin 13.

My issue is the sensors, i want to have it read 2 security sensors i have that happen to be wired back to this spot. The sensors are wired into a 12v universal relay, pin 30 is connected to A1, pin 87a connected to GND off the aurdino, pin 87 +5V off the aurdino. I can see pin 30 switching from 0 to 5V with a multi meter. But it doesn’t seem to update most of the time in home assistant.

I had assumed i would be able to use numeric_state and above say 500 in an automation as a trigger but so far zero love.

Does the firmata firmware have some type of smoothing on its inputs?
Any advice?