Arduino Firmata LED RGBWW WW strips


Have anyone tried to create analog LED controller (RGBWW and WW 24v) using firmata on Arduino?

currently I’m suing 3 ESP8266 connected to prototype board connected with mosfet BP911 in server rack where I have my haos server. I would like to get rid of multiple ESPs and manage all LED strips via Arduino Mega.

in config I’ve created PWM lights for each analog channel on LED strip. Do you know how to merge it to one by using scripts or templates in HAOS in lovelace?

how I want to see it from firmata - What I see from ESP8266 in lovelace

What i see from confing Firmata for now

Use one ESP board and ESPHome?

Yes but I’m trying to get rid of esp boards and have wired connection not WiFi.
I don’t see any logic to connect to server wirelessly to RPi close like 20 cm.

With one esp it’s impossible as I’ll have around 36 led channels

Did you succeed? I also have rgb led connected to Arduino, I can not combine colors.

No, I’ve switched to ESP32 and connected two PCA9685 boards (16 channels per board) and connected each PWM to BD911 or BD911 (i dont have that board easly accessible) with additional cooling as they can get very hot.
For now it’s very not proffesional look PCB and it has some weird artefacts when LEDs are off (they are glowing a little or blinging from time to time).

Currently I’m designing board to have it printed by JLCPCB and have everything soldered with SMD parts, as mosfets I’m looking for 4809NG (2 in series per 1 PWM so I can get max 12A for each channel 24v).

You will need to use the template light to use the firmata PWM lights as RGBWW lights. Might want to have a power supply for the arduino if there are a lot of channels