Arduino support!

Hi there, i’m using HA for 3 weeks now and its super easy and super cool :stuck_out_tongue:
But in my opinion, arduino is way better for controlling other devices.
in the last 6 months i have used a lots of “platforms” for home automation and i saw this:

Blynk its OK, but it fails when compared with HA. the good thing about blynk its that you can use the full power of arduino.
And i think that HA would be perfect if you can add a lot more support for arduino like:
-Reading sensor from digital pins
-controling devices ( ex rgb strip) from analog pin
-I2C communication between two arduinos
-read DHT from arduino

I know its a lot, but hey, arduino is cheap, sensor are cheap and yeah, you can do almost anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Support is already there.

Two types, mqtt, which I use with my arduinoS to trigger my garage door, and to monitor several sensors.
I also saw there is A USB component for it, which I don’t use.

And to top that all off, HA supports MySensors project; which is entirely based off of Arduino.

Plenty of options - just have to search. Best way is go to the components page and click the ‘All’ category and just go down the list. This way, you will have an idea of what HA can/does support.

Im using usb. Thats why it would be nice if i can use just arduino, without mqtt. And i cant really get data from sesors like lm35, light sensor etc…

Yeah, a lot of mysensor project use wifi gateway. I couldnt find a usb gateway for mysensor projects

Serial gateway is usb connected gateway. If you use an arduino nano you have an usb connection that you can use directly as a gateway.

Yep. but lets take for example my setup. lm35(temperature sensor) connected to arduino on analog pin 1, and arduino is connected to rpi2 over USB. how u can take the temperature value on HA ?

Maybe you can use this to get values from analog pins of arduino

nope. even with a value template i cant get the right temperature value

what about I2C communication between rpi and arduino ?

I would go, as @derrick1985 said, for MySensors. That’s what I’m using for my home sensors, and the community there is so helpful too.

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I also vote for MySensors. I’m starting with it but It has been great so far.

I’m going to also take another look at MySensors but I have a set up already which is bidirectional (I can trigger a relay, which opens my garage door via an arduino) plus I use a different type of network. I use the RFM69 at 915Mhz, of which I have plenty of already so changing wouldn’t be good. I want to take a look at their power conservation though so perhaps I can run some of this stuff on battery packs that don’t drain after 2 or 3 days.

Mysensors is bidirectional and also supports rfm69.

The mysensors development branch supports local sensors on the gateway. If you setup home assistant on the rpi2 and make the arduino the serial gateway, I think your setup should work.

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Right now for me the most reliable solution is to use the esp8266 as a Mysensors gateway with some sensors/actuators attached to it. This works very well as long as you don’t power it through batteries.
MySensors v2.0 allows you to have sensors in the same gateway so basically I’m planning to add multiple esp8266 gateways instead of having multiple nodes with Arduino+RFM.
esp8266 is more or less at the same price than Arduino+Radio+Regulator but for me it is much more reliable.

I too use a esp8266 gateway, I on the other hand haven’t run inte a reliability issue with it and arduino nano nodes connected to it, running it 24/7, all this with their latest release (dev branch now v.2.0.1)

How do you communicate the esp8266 gateway with the arduino? RFM69 or NRF24L01?
I have some “range” problems with the NRF24L01… That’s why I preferred to use the esp8266 as a sensor (I mean gateway+sensor on the same device) when no batteries are needed.

I’m using the nrf24l01 with the esp8266 gateway(modded to be like this: here) and the arduino nano nodes also have the modded nrf24l01.
The range works great, and since the nodes have the repeater feature activated then I have no issues with the range (and I use mysensors for both sensors but also rgb lighting control etc.

Everything is plugged in constantly, so nothing is on batteries.


Thank you for the link with the instructions on how to modd the nrf24l01! I will try it to see if I can improve the range of the radio module.