Are Fire HD tablets w/ "Special Offers" too intrusive to use as a HA dashboard? Black Friday has some great deals, but worth it?

Lots of good deals on Fire Tablets this year (like this one).
I head the ads only come on to the lock screen - is this true?

If so, if I’m using a Fire Tablet as a HA dashboard, can I prevent the device from locking and just keep the screen on/let it sleep?

call amazon and ask them politely to remove it, if one says no…hang up and call back…repeat process until you get a representative who wants to help you.

I have the latest one I bought over the summer without special offers and the HA app will not run on it (can’t connect to HA instance) even after hacking it to allow for the play store. I use the browser version. Sorry my bad latest version will work, just re-installed it.

You can disable the amazon launcher, etc and probably special offers through ADB. But you need to disable updates as they will wipe all those settings out on the next update.

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the HA app does install on amazon devices…i have several of them. Follow these steps:

and you should be able to install the app via play store.

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