Are Gree Lomo Luxury Plus/Pular compatible with external sensors?


I’m considering buying Gree Lomo Luxury Plus (GWH18QD-K6DNB2I) or Gree Pular (GWH18AGD-K6DNA1D) and I’m wondering if they are compatible with external temperature sensor settings. Specifically the temp_sensor setting like the one from this integration: GitHub - RobHofmann/HomeAssistant-GreeClimateComponent: Custom Gree climate component written in Python3 for Home Assistant. Controls AC's supporting the Gree protocol.

What I want to achieve is to pass the current temperature from e.g. a thermostat to an AC unit and that would be the “current temp” for AC.

I went through a bunch of specification documents for those, but no luck finding out if that’s supported or not. Maybe one of you have already setup similar configuration and could tell me if those ACs are supporting such a feature?