Are GUI automation "Then do" steps executed sequentially?

I’ve been automating in node-red for years now, but I’ve started adding some automatons in the new editor.

I had a simple automation that, after an event, waited a few seconds then made an announcement on all of the Rhasspy satellites in the house. It worked fine.

I later added to other actions, opening blinds, after the announcement. It also worked fine, and as expected, the blinds opened after the announcement. The blinds commands appear to complete one blind before the next starts. I assumed that was because of the bluetooth control.

Today I changed the order of the actions such that both blinds are opened, then there is the delay, then the announcement.

Is that the expected behavior? each blind opens sequentially, then the delay time, then the announcement…


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So you have to write the script in yaml to have parallel actions?

No, you can just select “Run in Parallel” from either the Add Action or Add Building Block drop-down menus in the Automation or Script Editor:


Thanks, I found it under “Add Building Block”, but didn’t see it under “Add Action”