Are Insteon Leak Sensors Supported by HA

Hi, I’m considering setting up HA but the Insteon Integration page doesn’t list leak sensors under supported device types.

Are Insteon leak sensors supported by HA?

If not officially, why not and is there a workaround?


I have a half dozen working well!

Is ‘Last Update’ or similar status reported to identify when each sensor last checked in?

These are the sensors on them, but looking at all of them the “last updated” is the last time I restarted HA. I thought they were supposed to ping daily (and thought I had a check for that too) so some investigation is needed.


Does the Heartbeat actually work?

I’m just starting the great migration from an ISY to the usb stick modem. The ISY is overkill for my use case as all automations now live in HA.
I just linked a couple dual-band switches to get a good network and then started linking my door and window sensors.
I’m getting no heartbeat entity at all. Not to take over the post here, but seems like you guys have the heartbeat entities so curious why I don’t.
I saw a stale issue in github that never was fixed:
I’m happy to create a new post.