Are the Wyze Cam ip cameras compatible with HA?

Has anyone tried WyzeCam ( As of writing this they are backordered at least until 11-15.

I am curious if they would at least work with one of the generic ip cam components. I have two types of Aliexpress IP cameras that I haven’t been able to get working with the generic IP camera components. I want these to work with HA since $20 per camera seems hard to pass up.


I just got one yesterday, but I can’t get it to work in home assistant using just the basic generic IP camera config.

I’m thinking it might not stream to the url it’s assigned. I have emailed Wyze about integration in home assistant, and the reply was:

“The WyzeCam is only compatible with the Wyze app, it is not compatible with any other apps or devices. We are looking into adding compatibility features like this in the future, but I do not have a timetable for you at the moment.”

You could try putting in a feature request, but without the API (at least, I don’t think it’s available), I’m not sure how feasible it is?


I suppose you could try to install the xiaofang firmware, wyze simply put their own firmware on Xiaomi Xiaofang camera, so it might work.

Here is the original camera:

And here are some firmware for it:

Some people seems to have it working, but it will disable all the wyze specific function, so I would not recommend doing so (no more cloud storage, no motion highligh, …). On the other side, you’ll have a rstp feed that can be seen in HA, or a jpg feed.

Here is another guide:

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For anyone interested here is how i got Wyze on my HomeAssistant.

Got Android app TinyCam which allows me to create a little web server and show the camera footage. I inspected the link from the sever which is then inserted into your config like this:


And now i have this


So you will always need to have TinyCam running within your network, correct? Also, noticed any increased latency due to this configuration?

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I am interested in the same thing. I read the post too quickly and assumed TinyCam was simply going to assist us in generating the URL, but I believe you are correct that it acts as a proxy :frowning:

How did you do it ?

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How did you get it to show up on Tiny cam? I set it up and I see the 3 that would most likely be the 3 cams I have. the app sees it as p2p. is this correct?? what config did you use for tinycam to actually see the wyzecam?

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Just ordered a Wyze V2. I think I’ll go this route:

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hey, I made it work with some help from my friend. you still need to use tiny cam but that I the only way right now. so basically buy the tiny cam pro app or like I did download the APK file and installed. then you add the camera by clicking the “+” and selecting the right info for your camera. then you enable web server by going to hamburger icon>web server. then you set a user and password for your web server by going to settings>web server. after that is all done check if the server is working by going to the address written in the orange box. if all that works time to add to HA by adding the following lines

  - name: Camera
    platform: mjpeg
    mjpeg_url: http://IP OF YOUR SERVER:8083/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?user=USERNAME&pwd=PASSWORD

configure anything that is in CAPS
then you should see your Wyzecam (hopefully) I am open to questions

If you don’t have a spare android device you could install Android on a Rasberry Pi If you successfully did it with Bluestacks then please tell me

I got this working, Thanks!

is there a way to make the image clickable to go to the tinycam server rather than a still image?

Also, did you get a “failed to parse headers” error and a string of the url?


I get a live feed. Maybe you don’t have background mode enabled. To enable it you go to the hamburger icon>background mode. For the clickable image you could use a web link component to which will direct you to the server

How are you recording the video?

  - platform: mjpeg
    name: Main Rooms PTZ

is what ended up working for me, with me having to inspect element to get the camera id number.

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hi, can you please tell me how and where did you use inspect element to get cameraID.

Open up the tinycam webui live view, right click on the video feed and click “Inspect element” and find a matching url in the sourcecode

@forte Do you achieve this through a web browser or the TinyCam app? Thanks!

Do it in a chrome browser on a computer while connecting to the web ui of tinycam

Thanks for the quick response. Please excuse my stupidity but how do I connect to the web ui from a browser?