Are there any bright bulbs without need of gateway?

I am trying to choose some bulbs but I am kinda confused. Right now I am using Yeelight color but it has only 600lm of light and its not powerful enough for some rooms.
I was planing to buy tradfri set becuase its 1000 lm, but its steering device requirement is stupid and useless. I don’t really want to have gateway for almost every device at home.
Are there any bulbs at least 800lm and more which is supported by home assistant and does not require a gateway, works with wifi directly? Maybe some chinese alternatives?

Thank you for replies in advance!

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As you found out the hub is not useless as you need it to control the lights :wink: There is a very usefull section on the HA website which allows you to search for supported lights. Take a look here

Actually gateway is only useful if you are going to control lights from outside of your house, except that its useless in my opinion and my needs.
I mean that Yeelight is not using any gateway and it works just perfect without it.

No. The gateway provides the communication module to the bulbs or whatever. The relation between the hub and bulbs is about the same as between your yeelights and your wifi access point.

Thats right, but why are they using zigbee which is not able to connect to access point directly instead of wifi? Its ok for some small sensors that need a low power consumption, but bulbs don’t really need it.

I use Mi-Light
It requires a bridge, but the newer bridge is very small, and in actual fact an RGB lamp in itself.

I have the bridge on a book shelf and use it to create some nice mood lighting.

Also very cheap.

Bulbs can be found at around £10-15 ish if bought from China.

Lifx bulbs are direct wifi like yeelight.
They do 1100lm bulbs.
They are nice but they are not cheap…

Zigbee is supposed to provide standardisation. (Although in practice it’s not quite a successful as you might hope).
If you look at wifi bulbs (lifx, yeelight, etc) they all expose their own (different) APIs.

Yeah, 1 Lifx bulb is like IKEA gateway + 2 bulbs. But its really nice of course.

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