Are there any "For Dummies\From Zero to Heo" guides out there?

Looking for a full HA course so I can get up and running as quickly as possible.
Are there any out there? Even for a fee?

I’m starting a blog with something like that, right now you can learn how to set up Home Assistant, how to install HACS, DuckDNS and Google Drive Backup.

In the neer future I will ad how to integrate Tuya devices, LocalTuya, how to flash tuya devices with OpenBKN. If you want to learn something specific let mi know and I’ll try to help.

What helped me a lot is to watch videos on HA from different people. Just search in YouTube on Home Assistant plus some topic (e.g. “zigbee”, “automation”, “installation”), and you will get hundreds of videos to watch.

I found the “getting started” info on the web site very helpful. I’m more into reading at my own pace, clicking links and searching for more detail whenever a question pops into my head. Following along with a video never really clicked with me.

Everyone comes at a project like this with different experiences and skills. There is so much basic knowledge required to even begin to understand. You are going to bring your own set of building blocks. A one-size-fits-all guide isn’t likely to be effective here.


Yup. Also, getting up and running as quickly as possible is not necessarily the best option. Start small and build slowly.


I actually already started but it’s the advanced stuff I’m having difficulties with.
For instance, adding an unsupported device to TuyaLocal. It’s unclear where those YAML files are at.

I totally agree that this is a problem. Those who write the docs (and post here) know where everything is. There are a lot of acronyms, names and abbreviations that are assumed knowledge. “Obvious” steps are left out, because, well, it’s obvious to the author.

I don’t know how to fix this. Anyone can submit updates to the documentation. Those who post can try to be more complete. Anyone who notices a missing or confusing step in a post can chime in and add more detail.

But again, everyone comes to HA with a different knowledge set. It’s hard to imagine one document which would teach you everything you might need.b

Hi @1xcalibur1, welcome to the forum.

HA is so versatile - as you might have noticed already - that it’s hard, as Tom already said.
It might seem that integrating Tuya devices should be piece of a cake since they are all around and dirt cheap.
The reality is a little different though.

HA has a steep learning curve, been there too, and it has improved but you will definitely not be the last with this kind of wish.
Consider not to put all your eggs in the Tuya basket by buying more devices from them because you might bump on another issue: your WiFi network, unless it’s above average and not just a modem/router combo from your ISP sitting in a cabinet, near by the entrance/garage where your internet enters the house.

Just my 2c.

A lot of truth in this. Nevertheless, documentation is remarkably thorough considering the sprawling nature of the beast.

One problem for newcomers is that the primary navigation structure of the docs is a tree of links, which naturally disadvantages those who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for. The search box is poor, giving a small number of results in which general points are swamped by device-specific references. A Google site search is often more helpful.

Otherwise, I have found the glossary a useful jumping off point when trying to get my head around fundamentals.

There is an unofficial a-z index, if that’s any help.

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Thanks for the message.
I have a per for X20s for WiFi and an SMB Fortigate unit to bridge them.
That’s more than enough for what I have planned but it was still easy to pick Zigbee over.
With that being said, my AC units are Tuya based and I’d like to control them locally.

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Search for local Tuya and Tuya local here on the forum.