Are there any good IO boards to buy? (DIN rail preferred)

Hi there,

I am quite new to the Home Assistant szene and currently collecting all required components. There is one topic I could not solve, maybe because I am not familiar with all possiblities, so I am desperately looking for help.

I have lots of buttons (so I want to see if and how long they are pressed) and a couple of lights, shutters and garage motors to be controlled. Connecting wires all come together at a central point and now I need to bring all those digital in and an option to control the outputs from home assistant.

Is there a buyable solution, DIN rail mounting preferred, best with a wired connection to solve this? So basically 1-x IO boards with some digital in and outputs. Could be low power digital outputs and I would place relays afterwards but I have not found a good device for such use case.

It does not have to be the cheapest one, I want to avoid a full DIY project also for the IO board as I have enough to do with the whole programming part… :slight_smile:

Any tips or ideas? Thanks a lot in advance.

you can start from these:

all have pros and cons but I prefer the rocket controllers (cheap and expandable)

formerly (also/still?) known as RobotDyn if anyone wonders

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Thanks for the reply! I was also stumbling over Sonoff but was not really sure about the real… quality…

All of the mentioned ones are only supporting connectivity over wifi, right? So no wired lan connection (or only in very expensive modules with expensive other connectivity I dont need → Shelly)

And finally: The only brand I can find in the “integrations” page is Shelly - are the other options easy to connect?

I have seen some interesting Homematic input modules like this one: HMW-Sen-SC-12-DR

Pricepoint seams somehow more reasonable and the I/O density seams good. Can this be integrated in Home Assistant?
So would it work together with the RaspberryMatic and an Ethernet gateway?

OR is it even possible to use the newer Homematic IP Wired 32 DI together with the Homematic IP Wired Gateway and Home Assistiant without the need of using the Homematic cloud etc?

How many is lots?

Like around 32 of them… plus minus a few

I have bunch of sonoff products in my home - the oldest is around 5 years old - none of them died or degraded so far. On the other hand I often read reports about dying shelly’s :man_shrugging:

No, Sonoff for example has this DIN Rail System with Ethernet support:

Well, if it has a an esp inside you can just take full control (an ownership :wink:) by installing esphome on it. It’s a first class HA integration with local push :trophy:

Maybe one to rule them all? :point_down:

This KC868-AIO looks quite interesting, I do agree. I am still getting used to all the concept.
And this would be able to handle normal buttons and allow also to detect how long they are pressed as it appears as ESPHome in Home Assistant? Dry contact inputs need a connection against gnd and would work with longer connection lines, right? (might be a stupid question, sorry)

kinconys are overpriced!
I wouldn’t buy a single ESP32 DIN rail equipment on that price
what if you have a power failure and you damage that ESP?
I prefer modular solutions

This seems to be an interesting candidate: