Relay board for Home assistant

Nope, generally not, unless you’re extremly unlucky. Like i said: in appr. 2+ years it happened to me once…

Hello @Ales1,

I’m exactly the same stage as you.
I bought a SmartDEN from Denkovi for testing.
It will be delivered next week.
Denkovi has digital inputs for sensors and analog output for dimmer. The price is good when compare to others big players.
It runs standalone (inputs x relays) and my concern now is about reliability.

Hi @giliardi

Which model did you get?

Will the relay block be integrated into any other system (home assistant)?

When you get the relay block can you take some pictures and upload them here?


For the new house, I will install the electrical installation myself, so I will bear the material costs myself.

Considering that it will be a new house, I want to do as many things as possible with a wired connection.

SmartDen is interesting to me because you can buy modules that are only inputs and modules that are outputs. I also think it’s wise not to have all outputs/inputs on one module in case a module breaks.

I bought the IoT model (MQTT).
8 inputs, 8 outputs and some others resources.
Yes, I’m going to integrate on HA, which will be the brain of my new house.

I put another topic here some weeks ago and I will update in there with the tests and results of my research.

Link: Lighting

Can you send me the link?

Isn’t the IoT model (MQTT) just an output module

After looking a little bit closer, these smartDEN IoT/MQTT products can be interesting indeed.

The link is in previous post. The ETA for the package is tomorrow. When I get the product, I will post a review there.

The product is here: smartDEN Maxi IoT - I/O Relay Module MQTT, HTTP with DIN RAIL BOX - Denkovi A E LTD

Some years ago I tried Denkovi products (wifi relay board: Wi-Fi Relay Module - 12 Relays, IO, WEB, HTTP API, SMTP, Telnet for another application and worked well.
But the relays from the wifi board doesn’t work in multiple mode (using digital inputs and logical command). Only one config can be set. Also the relay status feedback for HA is by pooling, which is a bad way to do.

In my lighting control I want to use push switches and the relay status feedback can be done by MQTT, that’s why I will try the smartDEN board.

I look forward for your review.

Hi @Ales1,

The package had a customs issue. Happens a lot in Brazil.
Fililing out the forms….

Hi @giliardi

Any news. Did you get smartDEN?

You could consider this: RPI RELAIS 8CH: Raspberry Pi - Relais-Modul, 8 Channel, Hutschiene, HLS8L-DC5V-S bei reichelt elektronik

It’s cheap, just add an Ethernet-enabled ESP board (Quindor makes good ones: QuinLED-ESP32 – ALLNET China ).

Be aware when connecting it to mains; no certification!

Hi @Ales1,

The package still stucked at Customs :upside_down_face:
Brazil’s things…

I hope to finish customs procedure next week.

Hi @Ales1!

Good news! The SmartDEN arrived.
I’ll post a detailed review in a few days, but so far first impressions are good.
I did a quick workbench setup for relays with pushbuttons on digital inputs (setup directly on module - it doenst depends on HA to work “offline”. It works great.
Also, I did the MQTT integration on HA and the module worked like a charm… the feedback time to/from HA <-> SmartDEN is very good.

Quick-test-video: SmartDEN - Quick Setup Test - YouTube


Any news about your experiences with this relay board?

Hi, I’m curious about your experiences with the device now 3 months later.
Did you post that review somewhere else?

Hello @Nick4!
Not yet! I’m on vacation.
As soon as I return I’ll post it!

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So, what is your experience?

Which cables should I choose to connect “door bell” type buttons with relay board? Are there limits for cable max distance?

Dos it support double push or long push?

Hello @Nick4!

First of all, sorry for the late reply! I am in the process of starting construction of the new house. So there are many things that take up time during the work.

In the meantime, I bought Kincony A32 board and testing togheter.

The relay boards I’m testing are very good. Good integration with HA, good operation and reliable, so far.

I’m going to use these boards in my new house. I gonna control ~150 light circuits (most are LED), 10 window blinds (external), some controlled outlets, solenoids, and others.

I’m intended to use Kincony boards, because of number of circuits, I would need buy a lot of 8 channel boards. Using de A32, the number decreases substantially.
I installed the KCS firmware and using MQTT protocol to talk to HA. It works like a charm.

My concern is about the lifespan of relay modules. However, this is a issue I would face on others market boards and suppliers. To prevent short life of the relays, I gonna protect some of them (those who gonna control critical loads like garden/wet lights/circuits, solenoids, using contactors and couple relays between load and boards.

@EarthK the relays are activated by the boards (the HA can be offline and everything still working) using the related Digital Input of the board. The cable from pulse switch will be awg 26 because they will be working on 12v.

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Thank you for your update!
I bought an ESP version from them with replaceable relays.