Are there any Ovum heat pump owners here who are trying to connect to HASS?

I would like to exchange information with other owners of an Ovum heat pump who would also like to realise an integration in HASS.

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I would like to integrate our Ovum heat pump in HASS as well. I tried it using a modbus configuration, but after being able to read different sensors for a year, it now failed and I cannot get it to work again…

Very nice, maybe we can exchange ideas and make the best of it.

I have now also connected my installation with Modbus and HASS. For this I use a RS485-USB converter directly on the computer with HASS installation.

With a small C program I was able to trace ALL parameters and created a Modbus map which shows me all addresses with the most important information (e.g. unit, precision, possible lookup values etc.).

In HASS I use the Modbus configuration and have created sensors.

How did you connect your Ovum?
Which parameters have you already read out?
At which error does it no longer work or where does it seem to hang?


any chance you could share your modbus map? I’m also very interested in hooking up our OVUM. I’m not sure where to start however. Where do you connect the RS485 module? I have a modbus to ethernet module laying around somewhere that I can use.

The simplest option is to connect to ModbusTCP. Ideally, you should have purchased the Epoca remote maintenance module with your system and activate ModbusTCP there.

To read the parameters and create your own Modbus map, I recommend my python script which also creates a complete YAML file containing all the sensors of the Ovum heat pump.

I have collected the information on the technical connection of the interface in the wiki of my repo.

Here is the link to my repo and the wiki:

Thinking about getting an ovum heat pump. How good is the modbus integration working with the heat pump? If anyone could share their experiences, I’d be grateful :blush:
Especially interested in using HA with our pv panels and utilizing self consumption of solar for the hp