Are there any resistance-sensing Z-wave or Zigbee sensors out there?

I’ve used this sensor (DWZWAVE2.5-ECO) before with much success for my back gate to let me and my wife know that our kids have (yet again) left the back gate open. My latest idea was to have a sensor under the sink in each of our bathrooms to alert us when someone has removed the last roll of toilet paper (and therefore WYSIWYG in terms of sheets available). I’m planning on using a sheet of velostat and something powered from a cr123a or similar battery to let home assistant know the level of resistance. So far I’m thinking an ESP of some kind (though I’d have to use WiFi and MQTT) or maybe even an xbee3, but I figured I’d reach out to the community to see if there are any existing sensors that already do this or, like the DWZWAVE2.5-ECO I mentioned above, have terminals I can just connect the velostat into and call it a day. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Edit - found the link for the gate install and wanted to give a shout out for an awesome tutorial

Try searching this page for ‘diy’ - there are several projects that may inspire you.

Nothing out of the box though.

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll probably end up taking some ideas off of the ZigUP project and fabbing something up. Looks fairly straightforward and I love that I won’t have to do any jank with getting an esp to pass along data to MQTT unnecessarily.

If you are using an esp you are best to use esphome and avoid mqtt.

I hadn’t gotten anything yet, so I wasn’t dead set on an esp just yet. I have heard of esphome, but didn’t really look into it too much yet as I was hoping there might be an “easy button” floating around somewhere. I suspect I’ll probably go with a cc2530 based solution so my sensor(s) can talk to HASS directly.

As opposed to esphome talking to hass directly.

And anyway, there is nothing wrong with mqtt, but it isn’t needed with esphome.