Are there any young people working with home assistant?

I am just wondering if there are any young people doing this very cool hobby. I am a 12-year-old Swede and I started by buying a raspi 4 (like everybody else lol) and a light from a local company called deltaco, I regret buying it…Just a bad tuya bulb for 20 dollars. I set an order for a couple of yeelights and I will soon get myself some Ikea Tradfri. I look forward to creating awesome integrations and stuff like that!
But I kinda feel unique, are there any young people out there?


yeah, me…only 52 ( feeling 18 though )
But it reminds me on how I started (guess around the same age), still at it, still love it!!


52 years old?

Trying to make my children interested (13/7/7 yo) but without success. 45 but still feeling like 18 :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on staring this hobby so young! No, I’m not nearly that young, but we gifted an RPi4 to my summer intern at work last year. He had it up and running Home Assistant the same evening! Now, he was all of twenty years young at the time, but still quite adept at making things work!

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52 engineer by :heart:
And although being a licensed mechanical, electrical, electronic as well as software engineer I still learn every day.

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How come they aren’t interested! The hobby is awesome! I am self taught(using youtube), but I instead of needing things to be the famous “Wife Approved” I need things to be “Non tech savy family Approved” So it would be awesome to for example install smart dimmers so we have physical buttons, right now i have a dedicated ipad and one smart light.

You are either an engineer or you are not…
And no, there is no such thing as 1/2 engineer…:face_with_monocle:

I even know people that studied engineering, but at not an engineer :yum:

Self study is the only way…ofc that doesn’t mean somebody can help/explain, but it is up to you to figure it out and truly understand how it works…

I get to play and puzzle every day…and get paid well for it :sunglasses:

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Only 62 ( feeling 17 though )


Lately I managed to make my google nest say at loud that the doors are open / closed depending on sensor status. Called my son (13) to show him. His reaction was … ok and smile.
My opinion is that even though they do not appreciate it much today, one day they discover that they cannot live without small life hacks or things that used to be automated in their family house.

“Wife Approved” statement is overestimated :slight_smile:

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Truth is the only thing you are good at are those self taught :slight_smile:

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I think you have gifted him much more than Pi4.

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Nope, definitely not over rated

But any tips on buttons and sensors for ha

hmm…so many i don’t know where to start…
broadlink infrared?? so you can quickly control anything that has an ir remote?
but…it won’t have sensors :thinking:

I was wondering about “inputs” not “outputs” I want tips on buttons and sensors.

multimedia (tv/audio)
garbage calendar
several services on my server
energy meters

now let’s see what else :thinking:

Nono! I was thinking about hardware buttons and motion sensors

Have a look at the ESPHome project if you like DIY.


Definitely if you’re exited about HA, I think you’ll love esphome. Check out wled too, for led’s.