Are there any young people working with home assistant?

How come you speak English so perfectly as a 12-year old swede? Even if English were your first language, most kids your age don’t write as well as you do lol

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it is my second language, I speak fluently, while my classmates learn basic grammar.

There was a teenager on the HA podcast awhile back. You might ask the show hosts or look through the old show notes to find him.

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39 feeling like 22

Can you send a link or something? And how do I contact the hosts?

Because you are in Sweden, so far north and so cold, I’d think that temperature and light/lux sensors would be interesting to you. Temperature, to track how cold it really gets, plot the outside compared to inside temperature type of thing. And because there is such a huge difference in winter/summer daylight, you need a lux sensor to (properly) automate your lights.

Which brings you to the next nice thing when the HA screens become boring… ESP32’s. :slight_smile: If you hang around in the IoT world you can’t get around the functionality these little devices and similar boards can add to your home automation.

And, because you’re young and chatty, how about building your own Mumble-based doorbell integration?

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Hi, I am 13!

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Oh, tell me how you use ha

@JonatanHolmgren I think the podcast that @bbrendon is referring to might be this one:

Home Assistant Podcast 68 – 0.111, Belkin Wemo, Automatic and Nathan : Home Assistant Podcast (

Nathan developed Soft UI for Lovelace. Hope that helps!

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Will listen to it tomorrow

Ok, I use it for a lot of things, so be ready! I have 6 outdoor surveillance cameras (Lorex NVR), added to Home Assistant using rtsp. I have Person detection on the Front Door, so when there is a person, it sends an alert via the HA mobile app to me, my mother, and my father. I have many ESP devices (used to be tuya, but then flashed them) running Tasmota, though I am going to switch to ESP-Home in the near future. I have 14 (or so) Philips Hue Bulbs, all on schedules and such. A old Amazon Kindle wall mounted running on a separate Lovelace UI Dashboard. We have SimpliSafe Gen 3 as a security system, and all of this integrates nicely. I have 2 Intel Nucs, 1 on some speakers, and 1 connected to the TV, both of which stream music from my servers. I run 3 servers, all of which run VMware vSphere (Enterprise Hypervisor), which I use to run Home Assistant. There is much more to my setup, including remote access proxied through Cloudflare, and stuff like that, but it is a lot, so I am not going to speak of it all.

Hope this brings you good ideas,

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Wow! I thought I was cool lol
I wish I could create something that great myself! Wish me luck lol

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Thanks! It took quiet a while! :wink:

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@MrNewton Would you mind sharing a pic of your dashboard?

Sure! Just recently re-did it, so not completely finished. Wish I had a better one, just not the best at designing a UI. Most of my stuff is done via automations, so the dashboard doesn’t have/need all of it.

Used to have a switch to make my lights sync with the Music currenly playing, but have yet to finish that because I completely started from scratch a while back.

The Camera page is just some picture-entity cards showing the live view, just didn’t want to show them in case of any location information.

Ok, Kinda sad that you can’t share the camera page but here’s my questions:
What theme is that?
How did you do the Chromecast “party music” button?

Fully respect your privacy btw, so I understand.

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The Theme is Google Dark Theme. Google Dark Theme – JuanMTech - Share your Projects! / Themes - Home Assistant Community (

The Party Music Button is from the custom card kalkih/mini-media-player: Minimalistic media card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI (

I would recommend looking into HACS if you haven’t already, it is great for custom cards and custom components (Home Assistant Community Store)

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I currently use HACS

Shelly. Products are ready to go out of the box, and HA integration is of excellent quality.

For smart lights I have also had an excellent experience with Wiz bulbs made by Philips, but I do not know if they are available in your area. My lighting requirements demand more reliability than smart bulbs are able to provide, so I do not use them for primary lighting, only alert and mood lighting.

I’m 51 and wish that I’m still 17… hahahahahahah Again I wish…