Are there any zigbee mains powered smart outdoor motion sensor?

I’ve found a z-wave wired version, wondering if anyone has come across a zigbee version?

Can’t answer your zigbee question as I don’t use it (unless you count hue), but if for some reason you end up using z-wave the sensor you linked works great!

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The two best sources of zigbee devices are | 📘 Zigbee2mqtt documentation and Database of devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZIGate and ioBroker

Hard to work out what is battery powered and what is wired. Anything with a battery sensor is out I guess :slight_smile:

Or even which are exterior vs interior. It’s looking like it will be battery powered or add/switch to z-wave. I’m only using a couple of tradfri remotes after all.

There’s always the diy route. I don’t know if it’s worth the time and effort for the waterproofing aspect, though.

Don’t forget you can always run low voltage wires to a battery device.

You ever find any Zigbee device for this? I have an existing mains outdoor PIR sensor that I’d like to replace, and have it Zigbee compatible.