Are there folks out there that will help a new guy get started for a fee?

I have a special button request I’m working on that has a single button with a 3 state icon display based on binary inputs. Please see post titled Would like to change Button Icon (3 possibilities) based on Binary Sensor Inputs by me.

I’m sure after we solve this one that I’ll hit future snags. I’m definitely willing to research my own projects, but some help while learning the basics would really help and it only seems fair to compensate the fine folks in this group for their time and expertise.

I’ll attempt do it for free if you answer the questions I posted in that other topic of yours.

There are many people here wiling to help you for free but you have to put some effort in too. Reading the docs is a good start. Try something, if it does not work then post what you have tried and we can point you in the right direction.

In the long run this will benefit you as you won’t be relying on others to adjust your system. And it will need adjusting.

Understood and agree, thank you