Are there really (almost) no z-wave multi-button scene-control remotes?

I’m setting up my house with zwave lights. I expected it to be easy to find a little four- or six-button remote so I could have something on a bedside table, or by the couch. But… there don’t seem to be any options?

“No” is a bit of exaggeration… I found the FIBARO KeyFob Remote FGKF-601, but … that’s not exactly a paragon of tasteful design. And Remotec ZRC-90US, which ugly in a different way. At least maybe that one could be made not horrible with carefully-made label stickers… but it doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere.

There’s the Aeotec Wallmote, but it’s a weird touch interface (and… breakable glass).

Is it that people are just expecting to pull up apps on their phones and there’s no market?

I do use this, very happy with them.

@BebeMischa That would work, but I can’t find a US-based supplier. “Currently unavailable” at Amazon.

@sparkydave That’s out of stock, and not in the current product list. Aeotec did also make a four-button controller which looks great, but also out of stock everywhere and apparently discontinued in favor of the glass thing.

I guess I could troll ebay, but I don’t really want to depend on that!

I think maybe my best bet is the Ikea Zigbee remote — I do already have some Ikea Zigbee panels anyway.

So for the record, has the Aeotec NanoMoteQuad apparently in stock and for sale still, at least as of now (January 2021). The fact that it’s not listed on Aeotec’s site as part of the product lineup doesn’t bode well for the future, though!

And $45 is really kind of ridiculous for such a thing. So I think, again, Ikea Zigbee remotes are the best bet (even in a primarily z-wave setup… Home Assistant is nice for making things all work together!).

The buttons

and switch / dimmer

… look really useful and reasonably priced.

I use the zooz zen32. I have a handful of grumbles, but mostly enjoy them.

Yeah, I think that’s a good option for somewhere you can wire it in. I was looking for wireless. And for what it’s worth, I’m happy with the Ikea buttons.