Are they Buttons? How do I make more?

What are these things called? I have heard them described as buttons.
How do I make more? Can it be done through lovelace?


@KDM They are called badges, and they used to only be available in the old States UI, but they got added into Lovelace a month or two ago. More can be made by expanding the badges: list under a Lovelace view. Here’s the appropriate docs page.

EDIT: You can also edit this list through the UI if you’re using storage for configuring Lovelace. To access the configuration menu for the view, click on the orange pencil that is displayed next to the view tab after entering the “Configure UI” mode. Then, you’ll be able to click on the second tab, and configure the badges under there.


EDIT 2: Here’s a screencap of how to open this.

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They’re called badges, you can get more by pressing the orange + (in your screen shot) and then selecting the badges tab.

hope that helps

I thought it would be confusing if they were called buttons, since buttons are already a thing!

I see it! I was looking for “badges” under “Card types”.

Thanks again, folks.