Are tuya (and clones) TRVs fully compatible with HA?

I want to select a TRV (zigbee) to control the heating of all my house.

I have tried a tuya clon, I can install the climate entity but there are many functions, like open window identification, changing the programmin days, and so that do not seem to work (at least with the climate entity without aditions)

Are there other interface tabs that can be used in the control panels and let you control all asptects of these TRVs?

I would like to use the HA interface to be able to change mode, change programmin… really in the future I would like to be able to detect presense in each room in order to stablish the temperature from eco to comfort, but for now it would be enough to have the complete control of the TRVs in HA.

The interface of these kind of valves is not easy to use just with a button for the menus and + - keys.

Ir there is no standard panel to do all that things, would it be easy to create one that let you for example change the programming of the valve for the week?

Thank you for sharing your experience with these devices.