Are user password resets gone?

The documentation states that clicking on a user profile should allow the owner to reset the user’s password, but this option isn’t appearing for me. I understand that the passwords may not be stored in HA, but there must be a hash that can be created via a new password or reset. Right? Is the only option to delete the user and create a new one?

Did you enable advanced mode?

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Yes, Advanced is enabled, I’m an owner, and administrator. Currently running 2024.6.1, but also had the issue before upgrading to the .1 release.

Are you clicking on a user or a person (selected at the top of the page)?

I still have the option to change user passwords.

I have the same issue @sirfrogman . Advance mode is enabled. I am the owner and Administrator -Running the latest version of everything.

Try clearing your browser cache.

Clearing the cache hasn’t resolved the issue. I tried it a few times, as well as numerous restarts.

Odd, I see the change password button there. Guessing maybe a theme issue. Make sure you are using the default one.

As you may be able to tell, running out of ideas here…

Mine are, look above at my post

Yours are what? Gone or there?

Understood. I’m digging. If I find anything I’ll report back.

I’ve checked both the person and the user. I don’t have the option to change passwords for either type.

You should have it for users.

Are you logged in as the system owner?

If you click on your name in the lower left corner, you can check if you are the owner


Thanks for this suggestion. Somehow, I didn’t notice that I had two accounts. One was an owner, and the other, which I use regularly, is only an administrator.