Are virtual switch possible and compatible with Alexa?

Hi all,

I have several sensors added to Tuya / Smart life but they are not detected by HA (don’t know if there is a possible way to integrate it, but as for now I’ve been unable to do it). I manage to do the integration using Alexa and everytime that a dor is open, to activate the switch, but I’m using a real switch only for it.
My idea would be to use a virtual switch to do this action, so that then HA can read that the switch is active and do the automations. I read that SmartThings was allowing to do it, but since they changed this year to the new app, I didn’t find a way to do it.
Any ideas on how to solve this? I tried different forums but all the information is outdated.
Thanks in advance for your help! (sorry if I posted this in the incorrect category, but was the closest one that I thought was correct).

try this

This will add tuya devices without cloud connection


To connect devices via tuya cloud

You can use a virtual bulb to add a switch to alexa


Thanks I just replied on that topic, as after a few attempts, I have not managed to integrate it inside Alexa.

Regards and thanks!