AREA in Device / Entity selector dropdown!

A picture says more than a thousand words!
I name most my devices based on what they represent in the real world.
So for instance all my ceiling lights are named “Ceiling Light” but in Swedish ofc.
These are placed in their respective rooms.

This setup transfers hasslefree to Google Home for voice control and in any room I just
ask for the specific object in that room to be turned on/off.

To have this work seemlessly (HA → Google Home) I can’t have descriptive namings in the device name for where they are.

Using descriptive entity_id’s is a no go for my naming convention. (Some devices are fixed others are movable and I can’t go renaming the entity id’s everytime I move one to make it make sense )

So I’d like to propose
Add Area tag in the device / entity selector dropdowns for any place where its applicable. So I can finally know what device I’m Actually referring to.