Areas examples - how did you define you areas?


I am trying to define the areas in my home. The issue is that some areas overlap or adjust in a way that it is not clear what is the best way to define them. E.g., open kitchen - dining - living area.

Will be happy to see how you defined your areas.


For me they are just logical groupings loosely defined on highly local geography. Overlap is fine. I put devices or entities int he group that makes the most sense.


Master suite composed of Master bedroom, master bed closet. Master bath Master bath closet and and powder room.

I have:
Area: Master Suite
(no devices but it will eventually hold automations related to the entire suite as a whole)

Area: Master Bedroom
Has all the devices I would generally associate with the bedroom. Lights, sensors etc.

Area: IT Closet
One of my closets in the master but it also has the wire plant and a my gear. I don’t want to see these in the Master Bedroom. Makes more sense for them to be together
Area: Master Bathroom
Devices and sensors in the master bath.

Area: Powder Room
Exactly what it sounds like (w/c for our friends in Europe) couple lights and sensors.

Now why?
I roll up presence for a room at a time and often use those in some very complex automations that take into account time of day, calendars, presence and presence in other rooms.

For instance, Occupied in the Powder (its an input select) will trigger Occupied in the Master Bath, which triggers Occupied in the Master Bedroom and therfore the Master Suite.

Everything is on burnout clocks so when the Powder goes vacant the master bath burnout starts, the goes vacant, etc, etc etc.

Yes, the IT closet area above is technically IN my master bedroom and therefore Master Suite but from a presence perspective the rest of the areas don’t care.

So logical groupings, nothing more nothing less use them how they fit your use case best.

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