Ariela and Custom Compact Header

I’m using CCH to hide certain tabs from some users and to hide some screens based on device being used (mobile designed screens only shown on mobile device / large screen designed tabs on larger screen devices). I have 2 questions… what is the user agent that Ariela shows as and is it possible to get this working in Ariela?



Ariela do not have a custom user agent set. In the next version i will add that to both web ui mode and native. In this way, same user agent will be set for all modes.

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Thanks for the reply! I look forward to that version!!

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I’m trying to do the same thing (only show certain tabs in Ariela), but no success.
I even tried to create a new user, and config the CCH according to the user, but it looks like Ariela dismiss that setting…

Its the tabs hidden in the WebUI but not in Ariela? Can you share the Ariela logs so i can investigate?

Still, i have something in mind, an option in Ariela that can be password protected and you will be able to select the tabs to be shown.


Thanks, I’ve sent the log by e-mail.
I have a quite complicated UI with lots of custom elements so my idea was to create simple tabs what ariela could display correctly, and hide the normal WebUi ones.