Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client

Added support for Dark Sky widget.

With Lovelace now there is less of a need for an Android app. While, to me at least, there is a BIG need for widgets.

Imagine being able to press a button on your home screen to turn on a light/switch/scene, without the need to open the app (or the browser with lovelace).

Or beeing able to read a sensor without opening the app/browser


So do you want widgets support in the application?
I will see what i can do about that.

Yes I think thats the missing part of HASS in general. Many times it takes too long to open Lovelace (or your app, or any app), to just turn on a light/switch/scene, or to watch the status of a light/switch/sensor and so on.

There is another android app but the development has stopped, it had widget but too limited and font very small and almost unreadable

I understand. Let me see what i can do about this.

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Is there a way of adding support for Android Actionable Notifications at all?

I’m not sure if this is something you need to add or something the other Dev needs to add?

This looks great though, can’t wait to try it.

I can add that functionality too.

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Cool. Are you making the source open or closed?

For now the project is going to be closed source. If someone wants to contribute on it i will share the source code to those persons.

You can just use Tasker or other similar app to call HA API:

Since a tasker task can be placed as a widget in the home screen, that should do the trick.


I find Tasker very difficult to program (its my limitation).

I found a great product HTTP SHORTCUT
which does a good job for light/switch/scene/script, but unfortunately is only Android (half family uses Ios)

I am missing also a Sensor widget (basically a display of a value)

I would say to concentrate on widget for SENSORS

I can test it. Really interrestet.

Klagio: i will do that.
Also you can download APK from here:

Also: now i am working on a way to add switches / lights etc as a simple home icon. When you will click that icon it will turn on switch / light.

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Thanks a lot.

New function is Ariela:

Now you can add switches directly on the home screen and control the switch from there:
Video of functionality:

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Very cool. I installed (again few minutes ago) from here but I do not have the function

I have this problem, I do not see the views (on top) while I can slide left and right

Also is it possible to show some views and not all?

The apk has been update. Please try again and let me know how it goes.
Also the shortcut functionality is present in the new apk: