Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


So I updated to 1.2.2 about 6 hours ago, battery drain remains the same. No change in the graph.

To early to conclude, will see tomorrow.


Any news about battery drain? note that is not required to have the application always open. You can close it (and it will consume less battery) and in background it will take care of any updates (of course the background execution is limited by the Android so you may see that widgets gets updated a little later then usual).


Hello all,
Version is out and should be available via update in few hours.
What’s new:

LE: Didn’t asked until now but how you prefer the main tab (home tab) from Ariela to be: like it is now (displaying all entities grouped by type) or you prefer to be as is shown in Home Assistant?


So far no indication of improvement on battery drain. I have now turned off webview/lovelace to see what happens.


Are you having the application opened all time?
What is the update period you set for device tracker?


I don’t kill it, I just exit like I would do any other app, pushing home button.
I have 30 minutes, 300m set.


Hehe, do not do that. When you push the home button the application will be moved in the background and its something that i do not recommend. Can you try closing Ariela using back button or better from Ariela -> Exit?


2hours later (to early to conclude) does not seem like it has any effect if I use Ariela > Exit.

Wonder if I should uninstall the app and try from scratch

so phone got off charger at 9 today, however it’s not logged in Ariela for some reason. The pointer is where I did the Ariela -> exit. So battery is more erratic from that point on but drain remains the same. The phone has been basically idle since I did the Ariela -> exit. I believe the erratic loggin is because Ariela does not report as often after a exit. When I took the screenshot the phone is actually at 41%

So I get about 5% hour drain, while normally I would get 1-2% drain pr hour.

I will uninstall Ariela now, just to confirm nothing is wrong with mye phone.



Thank you for your report, please let me know how its the battery drain after uninstall the Ariela. Btw, can you tell me what’s your Android version? Is by any chance android N or older?


Android 8.0
Without Ariela today, after 3.5 hours. I’m at 92%
Yesterday after same time I was at 85%
I have used my phone slightly more today.
But idle almost all the time.
So basically Ariela seems to doble the drain, this is consistent with end of day drain


Thank you for the report. I will try more things to see if i can reduce the battery usage.


I have a theory the drain might be related to widgets, because I notice the Huawei startpage manager was using about the same battery as ariela, and now it’s down to its normal 1-2% again.


That’s very strange. The main problem is that on my Samsung i cannot reproduce the issue with battery draining.
Can you try deleting all the widgets and enable device tracker and see if your feeling is correct?


I don’t have any active widgets, I tried when you first added them, maybe something is stuck since then. I will reinstall tonight to see what happens. So far total drain is 18% after 6 hours, yesterday it was about 30. And I’ve used my phone more today. Hopefully it was just something stuck and a fresh install will fix.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Huawei issue, I’m far from happy with this phones app management. But usually the problem is not battery drain but rather that apps are killed from background without my permission.


Ok, please let me know how it goes. Also if you can check with device tracker disabled and enabled and tell me the results that will be great. In this way i want to conclude if the device tracker is actual the problem or i should focus my attention to another component from Ariela.

Also, version is out.
What’s new :

  • fixed issue that resulting in recreating the server setup
  • small UI updates

Also, here is a teaser of what i am working on:


@Ionut Greate app! IMO the best HA app for Android.
I have three small issue.

  1. I use Ariel with the Web UI option enabled and when I want to leave the application when I press the back key, a white blank screen appears and the second press of the back key will exit the application.
  2. Notification with the image doesn’t open Ariela after tapping.
  3. Is there a way to configure the notification to open url after tapping?


Thank you very much, i am glad you like it.

I will investigate this, thank you for reporting it.

You mean push notifications or normal notification that says about Ariela is running?

Same here, you mean push notifications or normal notification?


So I reinstalled ariela again, and so far it’s looking really good. 3 hours later I’ve lost 5% and ariela is down on drain list. Hopefully this will continue throughout the day.

Maybe something was “stuck” from original installation. Only difference in setup was I left the update intervals to default.


I’m sorry, I was not precise. In both cases, I mean push notifications (HANotify component). Notification with an image after tapping does nothing, doesn’t open Ariela.
And I want to send with push notification url and open it on the phone after tapping this notification. Is that possible?

Is it possible to use only external access to HA (not switch to the local address when in local WiFi)?

In Android 9 after Ariela install there is no way to turn on Ariela running permanent notification. I had to turn on manually Ariela Notification Channel in Notification settings for app.


I am glad to hear that. Please let me know if something change.

I will investigate this.

I will add this option in a future release.

Unfortunately this is something that i cannot do anything about. What can i do is to instruct user (open the notifications page) in order to enable notifications

I will look into this. So that you want actually is that Home Assistant send a push notification to the phone (that notification have in it a URL), and when the notification is clicked, you want that URL to be opened. I am understanding correctly?