Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


I just like to update on the battery drain issue. I believe I’ve found a reason for why it’s much less after a reinstall.
Huawei has extremely aggressive battery management, previously I had turned this off for Ariela so Ariela could do whatever it want and work reliably. Especially when it comes to notifications.

So after I removed the app and reinstalled, Ariela of course lost this privilege. And Huawei is now in control of how much battery Ariela can use. Normally that is ok, I just have to test if notifications will work reliable like this. Most likely notifications will not work if screen has been off for a while. So lets see…


Something funky is happening with battery reports now, it seems it’s jumping to 52%
It happened 2 times yesterday and happening all the time today.

Unfortunatly I also have indications that letting huawei control battery cause problems for notifications and reconnect.


When you observe that again, can you take the log and send it to me? Thank you.


Hello all,
Version is out

  • small UI changes in main tab
  • ability to toggle entities from the advanced information dialog
  • fixed SSL connection issue while setup
  • lovelace glance card support
  • other fixes
  • fixed issue when the device name wasn’t saved



Just downloaded the PRO version today. Installed just fine with the exception that auto-discovery of my HASS didn’t work (I use https), but I was able to manually connect it.
I also installed HANotify from the repo you linked to ( then rebooted HASS. It appeared to install fine, however I cannot enable notifications. I get an error message:Failed to enable Firebase Notifications. I have verified that HANotify is installed properly and I see the service in HASS. Also, I do not have the connected notification when Ariela is connected.
I’m running Oxygen OS 5.0.6 (Android Oreo) on a One Plus 3.


So to do some more testing, I connected external. I use NGINX and have my own domain name. When I turned off wifi and connected via my domain name (vice local IP address), it worked.


Thank you for supporting developing this app. Can you share some logs regarding HANotify?


@Ionut I have several proposals for pernament notification.

  1. A permanent notification shouldn’t disappear when user exits application using the back key.
  2. In my opinion the icon of a permanent notification in the notification bar should be gray and the icon in the notification panel should be colored (now in bar is colored and in the panel is gray).
  3. A permanent notification should support minimization

Do you plan to translate the interface into other languages? If so, I can do a translation into Polish.


Thank you for your recommendations. I will look into it

Ariela can already be translated. If you want i can send you the file that needs translation.

In the meantime, here is a spoiler:
Added lovelace picture-glance card support:


Yes, please.


I have send you PM with english translation.


More than willing to help you with development. I’ve enabled debugging, but I can’t find any debug logs. I don’t a debug folder but it’s empty


If you enabled debug mode, just try one more time to enable firebase push notifications and use the contact form from ariela. it will automatically attach the log file. Also, that log file you can find in the phone memory as : ariela_logfile.log
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Log file sent


how to send the log? Mine is to bnig to paste here, and attachment of .log files is not authorized


Use the contact option from Ariela. It will automatically attach the log file.


The app crashes, so I can’t send the log


In your phone memory you will find ariela_logfile.log. Send that file to [email protected]


sent just now.

The app works fine, as soon as I put the option of Lovelace, it crashes, and crashes all times


What version of Ariela do you have. From the logs you send it seems very old :smiley: