Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Yes, zoning is not the problem. I think sometimes Android disconnect me from wifi for a while or something like that, and Ariela try to locate gps position, but the accuracy isn’t so good.

Is just a “maybe”. I really don’t know what is happening.

Wow, great news!! Thanks a lot !


I will add an accuracy option for device tracker when using GPS. Hope it will fix the issue.


Here is also a little teaser for next Ariela update:
Front & Back camera MQTT

These cameras will send updates only when triggered (Ariela receive a special MQTT topic), in this way we will do updates only when required, conserving phone battery too.


Same random problem here with device tracking. I have been using node red to flip a"justin home" boolean if both ariela and my life360 both say I’m in the same state (home or away). That has been working great but now with the new “person” feature, it will change the state of the person any time either device tracker changes positions. I have it set up as test, but for now I don’t have any automations set up on the person entities yet.

Either way, I mainly came here to commend Ionut on your persistence to get this perfect. My wife has an iPhone and I have 2 iPads, and I have to say that this app for my note9 is leaps and bounds above the iOS app as far as features and usability. I cant get all of my lovelace screens/entities to look right on the app, but every update gets closer and closer! Great job!!


It works pretty nice but the battery drain is huge.
I have turned of all sensors except the battery to see if it makes a difference
On this pic it shoes 34% of the battery drain since last full charge.
I have even seen 64%


Thank you, i am glad you like my work.

Please install the latest version. Some modifications were made to auto-reconnection process and it should have better results regarding battery drain.
For example, my phone has always location ON:


I had one instance (last weekend) where I noticed significant battery drain because I was at a crowded event (motorama) and my reconnection setting is set at the lowest interval. I had no reason t be connected so I just force closed the app and relaunched it when I left. I’ve noticed that having it run constantly on a typical daily basis, I don’t have any battery drain problems. My guess is the drain is the worst in this scenario or if you go through dead zones where your network struggles to connect. I’m on a sammy note 9


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • CAMERA permission introduced (only used when enabled MQTT camera)
  • NEW: MQTT Front camera (send image from front camera to Home Assistant)
  • NEW: MQTT Back camera (send image from back camera to Home Assistant)
  • gray out picture entity card image when entity state is off
  • fix tap action issue with picture entity cards

MQTT Camera documentation:

Like i said in the documentation, you will have to call “mqtt.publish” service with the topic from the instructions in order to update the camera image. This was done in order to prevent camera streaming images continuously and drain device battery. Also, the camera image retrieve will also work even if the device screen is OFF, so it would be easy for girlfriend / wife to spy on you :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I set the MQTT broker address somehow? I have an external MQTT broker which I use for external devices, which is then replicated by my internal broker (not open to the external network) for security reasons.

I think other people might have MQTT on internal network only, having the option to set the address or ports manually might be a nice addition. Or maybe it’s possible, but I couldn’t find it anywhere?


In Ariela, settings MQTT section you will find this option. Please let me know if works. If the option do not appear , please update to latest version


Hi, I don’t know how I missed it!
Maybe I had the old version still, although I’ve been trying to update every time I see a notification about a new version.

Oh well, thanks a lot anyway, connection seems to work, waiting for the extra sensors to appear :slight_smile:


Do not forget to choose the MQTT client. Ariela can use 2 clients: Home Assistant and build in. Choose what client you want. Note that MQTT cameras will only work with build in client.


I set up the built in MQTT client but I still can’t get the camera to work. I enabled camera in Sensors and it was automatically discovered by Home Assistant but when I publish a message triggering the camera nothing happens. There is no image on the camera


You will have to choose also the MQTT client to be used. Choose Build in and not Home Assistant. Also you may share the logs from Ariela so i can investigate. Thank you.


Thanks for this great app, we are happy to do an article about her and share it in our Italian community Multumesc :wink:


I am glad yoh like the app and thank you very much for the article


you are welcome. when you want you are invited to visit us :slight_smile:


Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • fixed picture glance image display issue
  • do not show tabs when having just one item view
  • do not show shopping list if not enabled in Home Assistant
  • reset step counter value after 24h
  • update German localization


Not exactly sure if its from Ariela, but my HA tells me following:

configuration variable “json_attributes” is deprecated, replace with “json_attributes_topic”

I have enabled battery and pressure sensor and got mentioned warning from HA.
You might want to update mqtt sensor info within Ariela.


Yes, its from Ariela that deprecate message. Soon the json_attributes_topic will be implemented