Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client

Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added Swedish localization
  • fixed front mqtt camera orientation issue
  • NEW: support for switching on / off lovelace entities card
  • hide VR menu button if Google Voice Recognition not available

Also, do not forget these links:
Ariela documentation:
Ariela localization files & bug report:
Please test it and let me know how it goes.

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Hey, thanks for this App.
One Question about the next Alarm sensor. Ist this expected that it takes Calendar Alarms as next Alarm? Shouldn’t it only takes “wake up” Alarms?
My Girlfriend gonna kill me if the Lights turn on in the middle of the night :smiley:

Next alarm sensor only takes into account wake up alarms. :smiley:

unfortunately not for me :frowning:

It takes the alarm for a Calendar Entry tonight at 8 PM

Thank you for letting me know. I will investigate.

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Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: added Ariela last seen sensor
  • NEW: added option to start Ariela at boot
  • small ui changes
  • fixed sending negative steps counter

This new version introduce a new sensor called “Ariela Availability”. If you enable this sensor, Ariela will update the sensor value with the last time Ariela communicated with Home Assistant. This means you can use this sensor in order to create automation like “turn off Lights if Ariela wasn’t communicating with Home Assistant server for 10 minutes”. This can be useful if for example Ariela is not able to connect and send updates like geolocation, other sensors values etc.

Sensor documentation and example:


I’ve been trying to find the option to have Ariela start on boot but I seem to be missing it. Can you point me to the menu it’s in?

You will need to have installed Ariela ( After that go to Ariela -> Settings -> Common -> Start at boot.
Please let me know if works.

New feature for the next update: ability to add in the notifications up to 5 entities and control from there:

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I’ve installed Ariela this morning (after the shout out on the Home Assistant podcast) and after switching to displaying the WebUI instead of the built in views I’ve lost the ability to get back to the settings screen inside Ariela.

On the HA Podcast the guest mentioned that she keeps forgetting she has to press a different button to get into settings - however I can’t see any new buttons at home apart from the “<” in the bottom nav which just takes me back to the Android home screen.

Presumably I’m missing something and my search fu ain’t working either :frowning:

So, how do I get back into settings?

Swipe in from the left.

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In my opinion the initial configuration process is broken.

I am at my office, trying to set up Ariela fresh. It won’t let me get past the “home” wifi and local server settings to put in my public URL. I want to use my local IP when I am at home, and my public URL when I am outside of my home.

Why is there not an option on initial startup to let us tell the app if we are at home or outside?

You got your todo publical available?

still waiting hard for a lovelace base url (navigation_path) that I can replace Fully on one of my repurpesd old phones.

You can still put a dummy wifi name and your external IP everywhere it requires the IP. Still i do not recommend this option since it can interfere with device tracker. Still i think the setup process can be improved, so thank you.

I have a private TODO list which contains over 70 items. I am planning on adding those on github issues:

Also everyone can use that github page in order to create issues / improvements ideas.

Right, but after the initial configuration, I don’t see anywhere I can go back and put in my local IP, so when I get home tonight, I will have to wipe my config and start over again. I do want to use local IP when on my wifi, and public URL when not on my wifi (assuming this is how this feature is supposed to work?).

Good point. I will add an option where you can put the local IP address also.

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Thanks for all your hard work @Ionut

Thank you too for the suggestion @flamingm0e . It really helps having suggestion / ideas / issues from you guys.

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Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: ability to show and control entities in notification bar
  • small UI changes

For adding items to notification go to Ariela -> Settings -> Notifications -> Notification Entities.

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Only PRO version support push notifications?