Ariela Ring Phone

So I have a wife request…
Is it possible to ring a phone using Ariela even if it is silenced?
Not sure if this is to far reaching for Ariela to do, but wanted to see if this was possible.

When her phone has been set down in a random spot (by her or our toddler) she has to have me call it… and when it’s silenced its even harder).
I setup a input boolean in HA that she can use to trigger an automation - but currently I am only sending a generic notification, it doesn’t actually ring, and it won’t override silence.

So I’m asking to see if there is a way to ring instead of chime, and if volume can be controlled.
I did try adding the push, sound,critical etc. to the notification, but didn’t seem to help much.


Probably the easiest way would be if HA can trigger google -> “find my phone”; providev the phone is connected to internet it will ring on max volume.

Okay, was worth checking :slight_smile:
For the time being, I set up an automation that will sent a notification repeatedly until the input boolean is turned off. It’s a good start - I’ll check into using Googles “Find my phone” and see if I can trigger it.


This feature can be implemented, i will add to my TODO list.