Arilux LED dimmer issue with FLUX

Hello Everybody,

I have an issue with LED strip connected to Arilux AL-LC011 LED dimmer. It’s RGBWW dimmer, however I’ve used only warm white LED strip. I want to use it just for turning it on/off and dimming via home assistant & google home mini. I’ve added to configuration.yaml:

  • platform: flux_led
    name: LED strip

This really works and I can see my Arilux LED dimmer in home assistant, however if I want to control brightness, I need to move with “White value” slider.
Brightness slider doesn’t work - nothing happens when I use brightness slider.

This is a problem when I want to control it via voice - googe home, because I can’t use command “set brightness to % on LED strip”.

Please, is there any way how to correct it, to be able to control brightness in home assistant with brightness slider and not with the “white value” slider?

Thank you.

Two cables from my LED strip are connected to:

  1. INPUT
  2. W pin (there is input and RGBWC).

I’ve tried to put second cable on C pin but no change - brightness could be controlled only via “White value” slider.