ARILUX® SL-LC 01 RGB Light Controllers Setup

I purchased a few ARILUX® SL-LC 01 RGB light Controllers, however I am damned if I can get them to sync with the app, on the rare occasions I can get the app to even see the device from my phone, the device has rebooted before it gets chance to setup the wifi properly.

I did try soldering to one with a view to flashing it, but my soldering really isin’t upto the small pads on these things.

Anybody any thoughts on getting them setup?

What app is that?

Sorry should have said MagicHome

This is not the magichome forum.

there is a component for it

or if you flash (adviced)

Think it needs soldering to flash it, or the app to set the WiFi for the flux addon

It’s fiddly, but possible to flash it without soldering. I used breadboard cables (normal ones, and also the ones with a small tweezer connector on the end - can’t remember what they’re called), a steady hand and some tape to hold the cables in place whilst I flashed it.

Magichome app gives you problems?

Last time I used it was OK. You may try with previous versions, look in those website that stores apk of previous versions

I think it’s more the controllers, rather than the app.

Finally got this setup, the missus triggered to firmware update on my laptop, while I held 5 wires in place LOL.

Sorrt to hop onto such an old thread, but have just got the same wifi controller as you, and about to embark on a similar journey involving flashing, a steady hand, and a grumpy missus!

Do you have any guide/picture on where the wires went on the board itself? I’ve found guides similar, but none which match the model, with no “100” port, and a couple of extra GND for good measure. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @jamieallan,
Did it have an ESP 8285 integrated in the board or an ESP-M2 soldered on top of the board?


It looked like this (your first picture) :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Thanks a lot @jamieallan.