Arithmetic operators helpers

Basic arithmétic operators such as différence, multiplication, division, square Root, squared,

How is ont possible to get such huge functionnality in ha and dont even have the ability to easily do différence between two sensors values ?

This is possible. What are you trying to do?

Templating - Numeric Functions and Filters

Example of subtracting two sensor values:

You can also create that example, via the UI, using a Template Helper.


Speaking of helpers, the Min/Max helper lets you calculate:

min, max, mean, median or sum from a list of input sensors.


For sure its possible in yaml…
But there are “sum” helpers in the interface, why other operators arent easily available as "“sum”

This is the first time you have mentioned the interface…

Sorry if it wasnt clear enough
it only look strange that only “sum” operator was impelemented in helpers interface