Arlec PC399HA Entity Configuration - Smart Plug Tuya Local

I’m hoping someone might be able to please help me. I have a bunch of Arlec Model PC399HYA (Tuya based) switches and power plugs installed in my house. I’ve recently purchased a smart plug with power metering and also recently made the switch to Tuya Local.

Ideally I’d like to know what all the attributes are, but I’d happily settle for the Current, Current Consumption and Voltage, as per the diagram. (Pretty sure that the voltage is Value 20)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi , did you get anywhere with this ?
Im stuck on the exact same issue.

Bring it up in TuyaSmart and compare the values found there ?

Yes I did by installing the Tuya V2 integration.

Hi @riccid - Although it looks like you’ve got it sorted, the ID values are:

Switch: 1
Current: 18
Voltage: 20

Current, power and voltage all need to be scaled by 0.1 to give you the correct value.


Nice work, The only one I had an issue with was 18 Current - For the “Current (Amps)” I had to scale it by 0.001 for the correct Amp reading

Interesting, my version of HA wont let me enter a scale of 0.001. It stops at 0.1

hey - incase anyone else has this issue. Type 0.001 in notepad for example, copy. Then paste into the HA scaling factor :slight_smile: