Arlo camera sensor issues

hi all,

i have 3 arlo pro 2 camera which i have added using hacs and the aarlo stuff, i can see the images from the cameras on the dash board with the lovelace cards etc and can stream etc, but i cant get any of the sensors monitored, been trying to get the code done in the the config.yaml but everything i try does not work.
been online and copied exactly what shows on screen but i get errors like ‘mapping not alowed’ or ’ invalid config for [sensor]: required key not provided @ data[‘platform’]

any ideas? 3 days of it just doing my head in. lol


this is what I have in my configuration.yaml. No problem with my arlo pro 2 cameras

  username: !secret arlo_ha_user
  password: !secret arlo_ha_password
  backend: sse
  - platform: aarlo