Arlo EOL - New Wireless Solar Cam with Frigate


Arlo has announced the EOL for 7-day storage and other features for my Arlo Pro cameras. I have them paired with Solar panels and I love them. But I need to replace them.

I have playing around with Wyze Cams and Frigate through the special RTSP firmware. I like Frigate quite a bit (I’ve used MotionEye as well).

Big question - Are there any HA/Frigate compatible wireless solar cameras? I loathe the thought of wiring for cameras.

Frigate does not work with battery powered cameras as it requires a constant rtsp stream, I’ve not heard of a battery powered camera that can provide this

If you aren’t in a country where Arlo are going EOL with 7 day recording (UK and EU countries), you could try this:

Thanks - I will give this a look.

I believe battery cam may work but not well.

I have WiFi cameras that have 20% uptime and terrible streams due to poor signal and occasional power outage to camera. These work OK in frigate.

If a camera is down frigate will keep attempting will not prevent startup or cause it to ignore camera. I don’t believe it causes any issues otherwise.