Arlo to HA with Hacs - problem

Please help…

I am trying to install arlo via Hacs. I’ve followed lots of guides but can’t get the cameras to show up under “states”. I use app password via gmail. I get no error messages, but nothing pops up.

I have this in config.
username: !secret arlo_user
password: !secret arlo_pass
db_motion_time: 30
db_ding_time: 10
recent_time: 10
last_format: ‘%m-%d %H:%M’
refresh_devices_every: 2
verbose_debug: True
tfa_source: imap
tfa_type: email
tfa_host: ‘
tfa_username: !secret GV_USER
tfa_password: !secret GV_PASS
user_agent: arlo

  • platform: aarlo
  • platform: aarlo
    • total_cameras
    • last_capture
    • recent_activity
    • captured_today
    • battery_level
    • signal_strength
    • temperature
    • humidity
    • air_quality

My Gmail doesnt even get a TF2 mail and I can’t se that my app-password even have been used.

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Lots of folks have been having issues lately:

It’s currently working for me by following the suggestions listed in the post above, but in looking at it now it sounds like it may have just been a temporary fix. Guess I’ll find out in a week or so.

Keep in mind this isn’t the integrations fault, Arlo just sucks at playing nice with anything else. A lot.