Arm security system action only available on bedtime routine

I’m using the Google Home app synced with HA to create routines. The Home app has a built-in routine for “bedtime”. This routine has an action titled “arm security system”. I can use this to set the alarm status to at-home, arm-away, disarm, or trigger and it works with my MQTT alarm component. I cant find this action on any other routines, both built-in routine like “good morning” or custom routines that I create. I want to add an action to my “good morning” routine to disarm the alarm. Does anyone know how I can do this or why this action is missing?

some doubt… any new information?

The likely reason Google doesn’t have it as a preset is because it is a security risk, the routine is not able to ask you the disarm code so it can disarm the alarm without you being in the house, and disarming it without knowledge of the code means a burglar can do this too.

That said, you could take the security risk and implement it as a “script” that you can expose to Google Assistant, and add that script to your “good morning” routine.

Create a script in Home Assistant

  alias: Disarm Home Alarm
  - condition: state
    entity_id: person.your_person_id
    state: home
  - data:
      code: '1234'
    entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
    service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_disarm

Enter your real person id instead of “your_person_id” above. The person ID condition is at least some semblance of security that the routine won’t disarm the alarm if you aren’t home and someone triggers the script trigger phrase in Google Home.
You need your disarm code as the data to the alarm_control_panel.alarm_disarm service, otherwise the alarm will NOT disarm.

Expose that script in your configuration.yaml if you havn’t exposed all scripts by default.
Resync your devices in Google Assistant (“OK Google, re-sync my devices”) to get the new script in the list.

Then in your Google Home app “Good Morning” Routine, check mark “Adjust Scenes” and then click the gear and check mark your “Disarm Alarm” script.