Arp-scan Device Tracker help

Installed Arp-scan device tracker from HACS. Having trouble trying to get it to scan. Knowndevices.yaml isn’t updating when I add the scan_options. If I delete the scan_options, it would add 5 mac address that start with 024 and the last 3 digits would that start from 01-05. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Running latest hassio 107.7 , pi 3 b+

Have Nest Wifi installed; Main router is ; 27 and 28 are the mesh points

  • platform: arpscan_tracker
    interval_seconds: 15
    consider_home: 60
    track_new_devices: true
      scan_options: --interface=enp2s0 -g

I tried scan_options with and without the quotes. This is the snippet from the integration
Sometimes your host has more than one network adapter (on for example),
and you need to figure out which one to use for the scans, you can specify the correct one using scan_options.


scan_options: " --interface=enp2s0 -g"

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