Arrange input numbers

In my configuration.yaml I have a ton of input numbers.
It takes a big piece of the file and I think it is not nice.
Is there a way to extract it to the separate file?
!include input_numbers.yaml
or even better
!include_dir_merge_list input_numbers/

You’ve obviously found how to split the configuration and yes, you can.

That said, input_numbers aren’t a list, so you’d want to use

input_number: !include_dir_named input_number/

This is what I do with my input_number entities.


Thank you! It looks like what I need. Almost.
Is it possible to group input numbers which belongs to single room?
Something like: bedroom_heating_values.yaml, livingroom_light_values.yaml etc.

yes… do your separate rooms and use

input_number: !include_dir_merge_named input-number/
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or use the package technique.

put all of your input_numbers (and any other component you wish) into a package, and you’re set.

ordering them by room? yes, simply comment the section in that package (to keep all in 1 file) or use several packages (per room if you want)

easy peasy.

has the advantage you don’t need the input_number line in you configuration.yaml, and have to think about which of the splitting techniques you need… :wink: