Arrgh. Group control - again

I can not for the life of me get groups to display in the correct order in a view.

I’ve tried the order they are defined in:

  view: yes
  name: Climate
  - group.lounge_ac_control
  - group.rumpus_ac_control
  - group.dining_heater_control
  - group.lounge_ac_automation
  - group.rumpus_ac_automation
  - group.dining_heat_automation
  - group.sp_bed_heat_automation
  - group.dehumidifiers

I’ve tried the customize method too:

    order: 1
    order: 2
    order: 3
    order: 4
    order: 5
    order: 6
    order: 7
    order: 8

But have had no luck. They always display like this:

Is there any other way to solve this?

I tried putting the automation groups in the heating control groups (like the climate graphs are) but they simply did not display. Perhaps it’s time to bite the bullet and try Lovelace stacks?

AFAIK there is no way to order the cards once they have more than one column, the system does have some sort of an algorithm that it uses but because of the way it does it it will order them differently depending on their size if there is enough space for 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 etc.

I suspect lovelace would be much better suited to this task.

If I make a horizontal and vertical stack in Lovelace that fits my main monitor what happens when I view it on a smaller screen like a phone?

No idea, I spent about 20 minutes playing with lovelace several weeks ago, barely got started, got distracted and haven’t got back to it since :smile:

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Guess I’ll just have to suck it and see. Must stop procrastinating and go and pull some cables in the roof first though.

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Just a few examples of how some Lovelace cards show on different devices.

This would be the normal view on my monitor:

This would be landscape mode on my mobile:

And this would be portrait mode on my mobile:

Part of is comes from the gauge card for sure, but also the overlap on the ‘custom:entity-attributes-card’ is not great.

Edit: you have to enlarge the mobile portrait mode picture to see the whole disaster.

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Nice… Can you share your config? I’m trying to order my cards…

Thi isn’t mine - it’s been set up by @jcollie and I took it form his post here: