Arris VIP5202 (KPN interactive receiver)


Is it possible to make an integration for the Arris VIP5202? I saw that there is already an integration for the Arris TG2492LG - Home Assistant
Maby it is possible to use some code of that integration?

I would like to build the integration myself, but have never built an integration for HA. maybe someone can help me to start up?


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The Arris TG2492LG is a router and the Arris VIP5202 is a settopbox. I have a VIP5202 myself but am not aware it has an API which we can use. Did you find some info regarding an API?

I use a unifi USG instead the normal router from KPN. I have searched on the internet, but didn’t find something about an API of the Arris Vip5202. Did you find something? I think that can help us in the right way.

I meant that the existing integration is for an Arris router which is different than an integration for an Arris settopbox.
There is indeeed no documented api available for the Arris VIP5202 used for KPN.
Maybe there is a possibility to sniff the traffic with Wireshark and use that but I am not sure of that.

I am Gonna sniff around with wireshark :sunglasses: maby I can collect some data.

Found anything?

Nothing… Maby can somebody else find anything?