Artika Sunray

So, I am looking to get some new lights for our shop, and the Artika Sunray’s look pretty good from Costco. It seems like they are full RGBW according to this video (though the Costco Website is really sparse) and support 2.4 Ghz Wifi

I can’t find anything on the forums when searching for Artika. I have seen other people that took our the IR reader, and replaced it with an ESP32.

Would rather they just work with HA.

Do they? :wink:

Looks like they aren’t worth the hassle…

Thats a pretty good point…

I saw this comment on a Costco review:

“To my surprise, it was very easy to set the panel up in the Tuya Smart app (instead of the Artika app suggested in the manual). This means it was trivial to add it to my Home Assistant infrastructure.”

Haven’t validated it yet myself, but I’ll test when I get home later.