Ask google “how many days” until event, help


I made a helper to show how many days until our holidays. For this I made a helper input_datetime.vakantie which shows on a card the number of days till the holidays. 2nd of October. Already :joy:
I’d like to ask my google home mini “how many days until holidays” so it should return the number in the counter. However I am puzzled on how to get that exposed, it seems like it is not possible. Am I using an incorrect class to have it exposed? How will I be able to accomplish this? Would be a nice WAF :grin:
Or is it simply not possible?

The helper, and a pic indicating exposing is not supported.

Many thanks!

The documentation shows the list of domains supported by Google, and input_datetime isn’t one of them.

I don’t believe Google will tell you the value of a sensor you expose. One option would be shoe-horning it into a sensor Google supports, like the brightness of a light, but that would be rubbish.

Alternatively you could create a Google Home automation that triggers something on HA to speak the number of days. In practice I’ve found this pretty slow (although I’ve never set up local fulfillment which might help) and if you’ve got more than one Google Home you may want to work out which one it came from.

Was afraid so… will just ask google how many days till october 2nd. Works😁